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    sort pdf pages into alphabetical order based on content



      Is there a way that you can sort a multipage PDF which has peoples individual names on into alphabetical order using javascript


      Any help on this matter would be most appreciated from a newb point of view as I have never written javascript





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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          In principle yes, but as always, the devil is in the details.

          First of all, what kind of information is this? Is it just static content on the page or is it located in form fields? If the former, is it consistent from page to page (ie, always appears on the same spot on the page or in the same textual context)? If it's not in form fields it will be much more difficult to identify and extract using a script.

          If you can share some sample pages (either via email or something like Dropbox or Google Drive) I could tell you if I think it's doable or not.

          At any rate it's not a simple task for someone without any experience with Acrobat JavaScript.