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    DVD menu navigation buttons aren't working correctly




      I'm using Premiere Elements 14 creating a DVD of Wedding video highlights. I've picked the "Pan and Zoom" DVD menu theme and lightly customised it, changing the font and background etc.


      In "Preview Disc" within Premiere Elements it looks great:

      - mouse over of the "Scenes", "Play Movie" works

      - mouse over of buttons within the Scene pages works fine

      - mouse over of a scene thumbnail surrounds it with a grey box which matches the outline of the thumbnail


      However on burning the disc and using it in a Sony DVD player, or the Mac DVD player, these navigation features all get real ugly:

      - no mouseovers work at all - indeed there is no way to know what your cursor is over and hitting left/right/up/down on the DVD remote doesn't help

      - the one exception are the scene thumbnails, but the grey box outline is skewed and offset from the thumbnail and looks weird.


      I don't mind fixing this up, but it seems like the theme is broken out of the box, and to be honest, I find the other themes just a bit too fancy. I just want something where I can set the backgrounds and fonts.


      - Has anyone else seen these issues with DVD menus? Is there a fix?

      - Is there a simple clean DVD menu template that isn't subject to this?


      Thank you