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    Capitalization wierdness in Multi Chapter document


      I have a multi Chapter Book with a Table of Content and Chapter titles on the Master Pages.


      I have some Chapters Titles that have Capitalization that reads like this (Notice PDF is capitalized)

      Lesson 6 Multi-Page PDF files

      (FWIW the 6 is a generated #) 

      In the Table of Contents they list identically. But in the Master page header which is formatted like this:


      Lesson 1 <0 Chapter Title>


      the header reads


      Lesson 6 Multi-Page Pdf files


      I can't for the life of me see what would be making the word PDF be forced to be Capitalized with the d and f small. If this is a clue, I tried making it all small and it did the same think. The TOC was created perfectly.


      I'm hardly a InDesign expert, but felt like I had it under control until this.


      Thanks in Advance,