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    Better Undo, Color Picker and Canvas Rotation

    Rocketdrive Level 2

      Hi guys,


      I'd like to propose the following enhancements for PS Sketch:


      UNDO: please make every action undoable, including adding/removing a background picture. Also, moving back in history starts to group undo steps - please keep the older history as fine grained as the latest.


      COLOR PICKER: Please consider a long press anywhere on the canvas, as well as confirming the color right where the color picker is (or ditch the confirmation altogether). Do not force me to > go into tool submenu > longpress the color widget > locate the color picker on the canvas > locate the confirmation button in the bottom left. Easier: longpress anywhere > color picker preview pops up, drags along the finger/stylus > when I lift the finger/stylus I have already chosen the color.


      CANVAS: make it rotatable, please

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Rocketdrive,


          Thanks for these suggestions. And thanks for taking the time to post in such detail.


          Just wanted to make sure you see the Undo button in the top nav (long-pressing on it reveals a Redo button). It doesn't work for images (you have to go back into the photo layer and use the trash for that), but it works for all strokes.


          Thanks again for your thoughtful post; I'll pass it along to the product team.