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    Is there any way to apply multiple paragraph styles to an entire text using GREP?




      I have a very complicated text, with a lot of formatting. It's a liturgical altar book, (Missale). It has a particular text for every day, it's in Latin, and every paragraph, for each day, as it's own particular formatting, including color in words, special characters, etc. A very interesting InDesign work. (Perhaps i will give more details later.)

      GREP will make things much easier. But i was wondering if there is any tool out there, that allows to have a group of GREP querys, and apply a different paragraph style to all the matches in the text, ALL IN ONE tool. (I know about the find/replace tool, but i was looking for something even better.)

      This would be a great idea (i think) for future InDesign versions, don't you think?


      I have a lot more questions about this project, but i will try to research as much as possible without opening new posts. More details coming later.