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    Premiere Clip on Windows 10 mobile?

    mchlbrln Level 2



      I`m thinking about new mobile and since I have Win 10 on my workstation I`m thinking about buying a mobile with Win 10 on it.

      I really like Premiere Clip and would love to use it on my phone (and also a couple of other mobile apps from Adobe..). So my question is, are there any chance the mobile apps will ever be available for Win 10 mobiles? I know that Microsoft have been working on a Windows Bridge, Project Islandwood which allows to easily "translate" apps for Windows. The Android version is supposed to be dead, but the iOs version is apparently available. Will it maybe somehow help for the Adobe`s apps to be available for Windows phones?

      Or is there some other way to use iOS apps on Windows?


      thanks and have a nice day!:-)

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          kirker Level 4

          Hi Michal_PS!

          At the moment, most apps are focusing on iOS and Android development. I know there are plans to explore the Windows option, but I have no distinct timeline to share with you. If you want to use these apps now or in the near future, iOS and Android are your best bet.

          Let me know if I can help with anything else!


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            mchlbrln Level 2

            hi Kathleen,


            thank you for your answer. I just bought an android mobile. Unfortunately there are still only few good apps I could use on Windows Mobile. Which is a pity, because Adobe is getting stronger and stronger in the mobile and touch screen environment (luckily!) and it seemed like since Surface Pro Windows is getting more important for Adobe`s desktop apps, it will also translate for the popularity of mobile apps for Windows mobile. Since I don`t work with Apple products, it would have a lot of advantages to have a Windows-only working environment in my editing room (and outside of it).

            But we`ll see, I still hope it will happen someday;-)

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              kirker Level 4

              I have my fingers crossed for it as well! Thanks for your patience.