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    SQLite attach database table error

    flexchief Level 1

      I'm trying to attach a database(db2.sqlite) to a currently open database(db1.sqlite) and copy the contents of one of the tables in db2 into one of the tables in db1. The logical way to do this I thought was to use the attach command and then select all from db2 and insert into db1:-

      attach 'C:\db2.sqlite' as newData;
      insert into main.table1 select * from newData.table1

      Both database's have identical table names (table1) and the exact same schema. To make sure my syntax was correct I tried this out in the Firefox SQLite Manager and everything worked perfectly.

      Unfortunately when I tried the same method in my air application I got the following error:-
      "ATTACH is not allowed from SQL.', operation:'execute', detailID:'2053'"

      Can someone please tell me why this isn't working?