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    How to "RAM Preview" + spacebar for loop of certain part of the timeline?

    hqhempen Level 1

      Hi there, I have the latest updates install for AE CC 2015, and I'm still not that clear on the changes made to previewing.  I know that "RAM Preview" is officially dead, but the RAM preview process still works the same.  I used to be able to hit 0 Numpad for a RAM preview, and before it had reached end of work range or comp, could hit spacebar and the preview would loop only the section I had just RAM previewed.  Granted, with CC 2015, "sometimes" it would loop and audio would cut out until the the rendered area had looped a bit first, but at least it worked. With the latest update, spacebar doesn't do anything unless you set it up to preview, so I can't loop like I normally do.  I find it frustrating that if I'm working on a tiny part of a long comp, I have to constantly keep defining the B/N keys for in/out work area just to loop what I'm working on.  I feel like I'm missing a setting or understanding to set it back to my previous workflow.  Any help would be appreciated!