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    Is there a way to prevent the mishandling of some quotes, dashes, blanks - by the "Export PDF" tool


      I have quite a few PDF documents which were created from MS Word.  Unfortunately, the original Word files are gone.  Fortunately though the "Export PDF" tool handles most of the text, formatting and inserted images very well.  But there are persistent, repetitive issues in every doc where:


      1) dashes and quotes are replaced with the letter "J"

      2) apostrophes are replaced with the letter "d"

      3) the letters "tt" are replaced by "V"




      Do a "Replace All" changes too many instances of correct text.  Are there some settings somewhere where these repetitive issues can be addressed?  It certainly seems like to tool is capable.  It's must mishandling some characters.....which seems like it could be fixed.


      These are not scanned documents.  Any advice?