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    Critical issue after upgrading to Lightroom 6.3 (from 5.7): EIZO ColorNavigator 6 does not start after installing Adobe Lightroom 6 ... please help!




      this is the worst and most critical problem that I found today after upgrading from Lightroom 5 to 6.

      Since I use Lightroom with an Eizo CG 277 monitor, it is absolutely necessary that the Color Navigator Software from Eizo is running. Something in the Adobe Installation process must have changed something critical and now it just doesn't start.

      This was running under Windows 8.1 and because I did not know what to do I also upgraded to Windows 10 but that did not change anything. I also downloaded the newest Eizo Software, uninstalled the old version (that used to work fine prior to installing LR6) and installed the latest version but they all show the same behaviour.

      I wrote to Eizo and they asked me to uninstall Adobe Air and ColorNavigator but I did not find any "Adobe Air" on my system.


      When trying to start ColorNavigator it takes a while (more than one or two minutes) until it displays an error message "Initialization Error" and does not start at all.


      Please - if anyone had the same problem or knows what changes of the Adobe Softwarre caused this and how I can undo that let me know!! The ColorNavigator is absolutely critical for running the Eizo monitor correctly.

      Thank you for your help!!!!!