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    Exporting multiple pdf types (High Quality, PrePress, Smallest Size, etc) from one indd file in one process??


      Hi everyone,


      For several of the projects I work on I need to supply clients with a high res, low res and print ready version of their documents. It's not a huge deal to run export from Indesign 3 times, but I'm wondering if their is a batch process that can do this in one go? At the moment, I'm archiving work and it's a major pain to do this for every file!!


      I was thinking a script, perhaps an acrobat droplet or action, distiller setting, or maybe a third party app???


      Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?? I've been searching for something like this for a long time, but the only thing I've found is Output Factory from Zervik - I'm not even to sure it does multiple types from indd. But surely there are free tools or some clever workflow I haven't stumbled upon yet....


      Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!


      Many thanks,