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    Error copying files from damaged external drive?


      I have several years worth of photo folders on a damaged external hard drive that are showing in my Lightroom 5 catalog.  My goal is to move them to a new working drive and get rid of this malfunctioning drive. However, I am unable to move them by dragging the folders over. I'm getting an error message: "There was an error copying files to the destination you selected. The following files could not be copied.... xxxx.jpg, etc."


      When I check the permissions of that external drive, I have "read only" privileges and I'm unable to change this.  I was able to get a computer tech to make a copy of that external drive, but I'm really unsure how to proceed with my Lightroom catalog. Can anyone advise me the easiest & safest way to make the transition without actually risking deleting these files?  I've tried everything possible, and I do know how to reconnect missing files and folders .... but will the program get confused? It's a huge amount of files.... 75,000 plus images... and I do not want to mess this up or spend huge amounts of time reconnecting several years worth of folders!  I'm one of those who is hesitant to delete catalogs also...


      Please advise, thank you in advance!


      - Colleen