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    Lightroom 6/ Windows 7/ Freezes and goes to not responding state on launch


      I just purchased and intstalled LR6 on my windows 7 (64b) desktop.  When it asked to import my photos I highlighted my "my pictures" directory and it processed to import every picture/file in the directory....which was over 19,000.  It finished about 2 hours later.....and seemed to work fine.  Now on day two I can't get the program to work at all.  The LR main screen comes up with the mountain pictures, but it just sits there with the windows cursor (circle) going round and round.....forever.  When I do a mouse click on the screen it just says LR is not responding and I have to shut it down.  Not sure what to do......any thoughts????


      Can or should I do an uninstall and reinstalled?  Will adobe let me do that with the code already being used?


      Any help appreciated.......thanks