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    Lightroom 6 will not recognized Nikon D700 but will recognized Canon Rebel T5.  Suggested solutions by Forum does not work.  Need software patch from ADOBE.  Should not have to modify camera and set-up to make Lightroom recognize D700.   No patch upgrade


      I have posted this problem previously some months ago.  I don't believe I have received a solution to date.  Various suggested fixes do not appear to work.  Would appreciate a software patch such that I do not have to do all the recommended items to make a function work that should be automatic like with the other DSLR cameras that I have tethered.   Camera One software was able to recognized the NIKON D700 and does so automatically upon turning the NIKPN D700 DLSR on.   I would appreciate if ADOBE would created the patch to fix this problem that does not recognize my NIKON D700 when Tethered with the same Tether cable that work with other DLSRs and Camera One software.