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    Camera Roll saving - Adobe Premiere Clip for iOS


      Why when I try to save to Camera Roll it loads, show me as saved, but when I go to Library it isn't there?

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          petergaraway Adobe Employee

          Hi Gustavo,


          I've never seen this issue before. Is this happening in all of your projects or just this particular one? Make sure your on the current version of Clip (v2.0.3). Once the 'Video Saved' dialog appears on screen the video should populate to the most recent asset in your Camera Roll library. If this is not happening please try the following:

          1. Sign out and then back into Clip and attempt to save to the Camera Roll again.

          If that doesn't resolve the issue please try:

          2. Uninstall the Clip and re-install it. Make sure to wait until all of your projects and media are synced. Try to save to the Camera Roll.

          Let us know how it goes. Sorry for the inconvenience.


          Peter Garaway