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    Can anyone help me to understand automatically write file to XMP in Lightroom

    CircuitFactory Level 1

      Hi Guys,


      I'm using LR 4 on a Mac Pro Early 2014, running El Capitan.


      I'm trying to get a decent understanding of LR and one of the things I keep reading is to turn on "Automatically write file changes to XMP." Ive played around with this setting (turning it on and off and checking what happens in finder when I make changes in LR to an image). Obviously, when it's checked, when I change a Raw file it creates an XMP file in my Finder. When not, no file is created. So if my LR crashed, or my computer ever went nuts, I would always be able to reimport my images with the changes I have made. This much I understand.


      When I watched the Adobe tutorial however, it said that this setting was useful when you are editing images across multiple applications. BUT... Whether this box is checked or not, the changes I make in LR seem to appear in other applications anyway. E.g. With "Automatically write to XMP turned off," I can desaturate an image, crop it down.. Then in library, click "Edit in Photoshop" - and all my changes are kept when it opens in Photoshop. So my question is why would this be the case? If I'm not automatically writing changes to XMP, why would the changes appear in another program?


      Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I can't find the answer anywhere.


      Thank you.