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    1:1 zoom inconsistent with smart and 1:1 preview


      Building 1:1 and smart previews should (I think) mean that zooming in to 1:1 in library uses the 1:1 preview, but  the develop module will use only the smart preview (when the originals are not available).


      However, in this scenario zooming to 1:1 in the library/compare module is very inconsistent.


      For example: If you use compare to go through a series of very similar images while zoomed, LR will show some pairs at the same 1:1 zoom and some pairs with one picture at "full" 1:1 and the other with "smart preview" 1:1 (which displays the subject smaller).


      Even deleting all of the 1:1 previews to try to get some consistency results in some images still displaying at "full" 1:1 scale, but with smart preview resolution, so the image looks blocky.


      It seems that lightroom is getting confused about a) what previews exist and/or b) about what 1:1 means for a particular image in a particular context.


      I have already rebuilt both types of preview (in different orders) several times for a 35000 image catalog, using both LR 6 and 6.3. and frustration at lightroom lack of consistency is growing


      The point of LR library and compare is defeated if you can't display similar images consistently at the same scale so that you can make decisions.


      There are other questions which mention this issue back into late 2014, (and I've found people suggesting that the order of preview building is the answer but its not). So there needs to be recognition that this is a pretty serious shortcoming with the use of smart previews (an otherwise fantastic feature) in LR.

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          I have the same issue.


          Upon import I build standard previews and also smart previews.

          When going thru the photos I decided to build 1:1 previews as did a lot of zooming in.


          Now I am having exactly the same problem. 2 pictures with exactly the same resolution both raw both shot within 1 sec zoom in differently in 1:1. One zoomes fine the other one barely zooms in at all just a tiny bit.


          I followed some advice and discarded 1:1 and also smart previews. Then I created firstly the smart previews again then after that was finished I also created 1:1 previews. In some cases that did the trick in others it did not.


          2 things I noticed though:

          1. When I take one of those incorrectly zooming photos, open it in development mode and then press z to zoom in it does work fine. When I switch back to library and zoom in on that photo again it works fine. So it seems it is a library problem and zooming in development cures that one pic.

          2. When I discard the 1:1 previews and I open the pic full screen in library and then press z it does not try to create a new preview as it should. Usually if an image does not have a 1:1 preview and I zoom in it should create it on the fly but in this case it does not. It just zooms in that tiny bit as it did before, no spinning wheel no nothing.


          So the only thing that does seem to fix it is opening in development and zooming in but that is a huge pain in the a... as I cannot do this en mass.


          Maybe just to mention: I am using CC 2015.7 and I have activated the option to use smart previews for image editing (instead of originals).

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            Alfred Pennyworth Level 4

            I believe, and see this myself that this is correct behaviour for the smart preview for develop option?


            The smart preview is dimension is smaller and will be displayed as such, and not the full size. If I uncheck the option it displays the full resolution photo in the develop module.