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    Aperture to Lightroom : Is it possible that the widget damages jpeg files ? I tried to migrate all my Aperture's Library and there were found 2348 damaged files (.jpeg) ?

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      I tried to "move" my whole Aperture images (. jpeg, . ai, .pdf, etc.). Some Adobe formats are not taken in charge by Lightroom ? I'm a bit disappointed.


      But what is the problem, for now, is that 2348 jpeg files essentially, were not imported and been classed in the "notimported" folder. And my system survey alerts me that they are corrupted or damaged ? So. I have too numerous projects in Aperture to verify which file name correspond to a really damaged file before the Lightroom widget transferred my Library.


      My Apple's Package Aperture Library is still saved on my external disk. But the package cannot be scan by my tool (Checkmate by Micromat)


      So, please, can you tell me if such problem did arrived with previous customers ?


      Thank you in advance for any advise or support ?