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    Middle East ID compatibility


      Good morning,


      just a simple question.


      On my machine (Windows 10) I have installed ID CC (2015) English (International) and now I'm scheduling to install the ID CC Middle East version to better process an Arabic work.


      If, as I have read somewere here, I uninstall the ID CC (2015) English (International) version and install the ID ME CC (2015) English Arabic version, will I miss the English UI (I cannot read Arabic)?


      And, in particular, can my files generated with the ID CC ME edition be read/edited by a colleague using the ID CC (2015) English (International) edition?


      Thank you for your comments/help.


      Claudio Nasso

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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          No, you can easily install the ME version with English interface. You can select your language in your CC app preferences.  Your INDD files can be used by persons with English interface - or Japanese interface, for that matter.

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            Don't uninstall any version.

            1. Install InDesign with your primary language.
            2. Open the preferences in the CC Desktop Application
            3. Change the Application Language to Hebrew or Arabic or repeat all steps with the other language
            4. Now, any program shows up as to install
            5. Install all programs you need
            6. Change the preferences to the next language you want to install. But don't install Asian and MENA versions on the same computer as it causes crashes.

            When you run InDesign it uses the language of the OS (if you have installed InDesign with that language) for your User Interface Language, but you will find new commands and tools which are supporting the functions you need for the additional languages you have installed.


            InDesign and Illustrator and some other programs work always with the current language of the Operating System.

            Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge, Acrobat and others have in the preferences the possibility to choose between all installed language versions.