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      Hello Everyone, I am new to after effects.. i am making a video where i want to add some lines that continuously comes in the bottom, like a black strip in the bottom of my video and the text which continues itself, like we watch in news channels...

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The black bar would be a shape layer.

          The text would be a text layer.

          You would animate it by keyframe animation.


          These are all bare-bones AE basics. If you don't know how to do them, you're going to be very frustrated with AE until you get a more solid foundation. I'd suggest that you start here: Getting started with After Effects

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            f3arl37664746 Level 1

            thanks mate for the reply, yea i am new tho, but if you can provide me any youtube link of the perfect tutorial related to this subject it would be more helpful to me. Reading and understanding is little bit tough to understand when you're using software. i hope so you'll provide it to me thanks.

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You can't successfully do one simple task in AE (like making a black bar) without having a working understanding of how to use AE. How do you make a composition and what settings should you use? How do you work with layers? How do you render? How do you work with keyframes? What's a codec? You need to know all that stuff and more before you can do what you're asking.

              AE is a very, very powerful program, but that also means it's not simple to use. What you're asking to do would be easier to do in Premiere Pro, by the way.


              However, if you wish to do it in AE, you'll need to learn how to use AE. The link I gave you is text, yes, but the text is merely links to video resources in it to get you started. Tons and tons of video resources.

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                f3arl37664746 Level 1

                thats correct.. btw is it easier in premiere pro ? btw any link of tutorial ( PP ) ? i will try to make in ae also as you gave me instruction thanks..

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                  Dave LaRonde Level 6

                  Ah, but the gent did indeed give you a link to a whole passle of tutorials!  A Boatload!


                  Getting started with After Effects (CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, & CC)


                  You gotta walk before you run with this application, bud.

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                    Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    f3arl37664746 wrote:


                    is it easier in premiere pro ?

                    Yes (if you don't know the After Effects basics):


                    Create a black color matte and place it on the timeline above the main video. Crop effect as desired.  (alternatively use the titler to create a shape). Position as desired. Keyframe opacity as desired.

                    Create a title with text and place it on the timeline above the color matte.  Keyframe position and opacity as desired.

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                      f3arl37664746 Level 1

                      thanks everyone, i will try my best and i hope you guys dont mind if i get any trouble and maybe will disturb you again thanks again

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                        Stefan Gruenwedel Adobe Employee

                        If you're new to Premiere Pro, then first watch this series of tutorials: How to edit videos with Premiere Pro | Adobe Premiere Pro CC tutorials

                        Specifically, the third video covers adding titles. That should help you out with what you're trying to accomplish.