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    do others have as much trouble beginning?

    rainwwater Level 1

      I am on day 4 of trying to do this. I began doing the tutorials on the Welcome Screen of the trial DW; but ran into so much trouble I almost gave up. Then, I found this tutorial and have been trying to get it right by doing it over and over, and have deleted it all several (more than several) times, and perhaps I might have it figured out now as how to begin. It took me up to now to figure out which place to put the DW files created going through the tutorial. It took me many times to figure out how to extract the folders to the correct place, so that the ONE folder I am supposed to be saving my work to is in the correct spot. Perhaps you might want to clarify this better for those of us that do not know what we are doing. I have seen in this forum and the other forum for the other tutorials that others are having similar problems needing step by step.