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    Does the Adobe Cloud offer digital asset software that can handle keywording and searching for 100,000's of images?


      We currently use Cumulus as our digital asset software. We have well over 310,000 cataloged assets. Cumulus works great, but we are looking to see if there is something similar in the Creative Cloud. All assets have keywords attached to them, so they can be easily searched. Our files are generally .EPS, .AI and .PSD. I've looked at Bridge, but it doesn't do the same thing and give me the same results. Cumulus is basically cataloged thumbnails that I can search through the whole server of folders at once. Makes it very easy and convenient. We aren't currently on the Cloud, so if we make the jump to it, then we want to research ahead of time if there is software that we could be using instead of Cumulus. Basically, save money by getting rid of Cumulus and doing the same thing through Adobe. All of our files are color corrected in Photoshop and placed into InDesign for creating our catalog layouts. Each image is specific and we don't have multiples of the same thing for batch processing. I also looked at Lightroom in the past for digital asset management, but it didn't support our EPS files. They were invisible. I'm not aware that anything has changed with this.


      Thanks for any support.