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    Can I include videos from Adobe Stock in a student short film?


      This movie will be distributed in national and international film festivals. It won't be sell or source of income for the filmmakers, though. I haven't found how the license works as far as student short films in the license and term of agreements.


      Thanks for your help and support.

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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          The answer to this question will depend on the context of the clips in the film. If they are adding to the primary value of the film then no, you would not be able to use them (for that type of use you must purchase an Extended license which is available at Fotolia.com). Another couple of things to keep in mind, the clips cannot be used in a manner that could be perceived as offensive by a model so you would need to stay clear of political agendas, adult content or anything else that could be perceived as offensive. The run limit is 500,000 so if you expect a higher view count than that you would not be able to use an Adobe Stock clip.


          If however, the clip is being used as a prop such as the subject of the film is watching TV waiting for a phone call. You could use an Adobe Stock clip as the video being seen on the television in the scene. An exception would be if the clip was being watched on television and that sparked the agenda for the entire file. In other words, if the movie was about the clip that would not be allowed. The clip can't be part of the main feature. Please be sure to review the terms of the license agreement for specific details on allowable use.


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