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    When I export from LR 6, the exported file loses saturation?


      My export settings are all default, and set to sRGB. When I open the folder in windows, the preview for the edited  photo is incorrect, when I double click the file and open it the file is exactly how I edited it. However, when I try to upload it anywhere, or email it, the file is what the preview was showing, with loss of saturation and a bit different hue. Any help would be appreciated

      Here's the edited photo in lightroom


      Here's the preview of the exported photo in Windows photo viewer (windows 8.1) next to the lightroom window for comparison. You can see that the colors and hue are incorrect


      when I open the file the colors are correct...


      and when I upload it anywhere, or email it, the file is this


      Here's my preferences settings




      any help would be really apprecieated