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    Color printing with different results between two files with the same build..any ideas?

    amirw87800613 Level 1

      Hello -

      I have a question about color settings, I might be missing something.  I'm using Adobe Illustrator CC and I have a blue background in one document that prints out fine.  In another document I have the same blue background and it prints out more on the purple end.


      Here is what I've tried:

      Double checked all of my color settings in each document (edit: color settings, assign profile, document color mode, CMYK build, appearance) both settings are a complete match in my files.

      When I copy and paste the background from the "bad file" into the "good file" it prints as intended.

      When I copy and paste the "good file" into the "bad file" it proceeds to print out purple rather than blue.


      I'm thinking that there is a setting somewhere that is throwing it off in the "bad" file but I'm out of places to look...


      Any input, suggestions, questions you want to ask let me know.