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    serious weird issues

    Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

      This question is about copy pasting from Acrobat to After Effects.   I don't know how many people check the Acrobat forums so I'm putting it here.


      I work on infographics and I use scripts which I receive as PDF's.  I have been doing this for over a year.  A few months ago I stopped being able to copy paste from these PDFs.  When I would paste I would get a line of boxes instead of text.

      I found that printing the PDF to a new PDF (at default settings) fixed the problem and I could copy paste again.  Now about two weeks ago I stopped being to select text in the PDFs at all.  I found a work around was going into edit mode and clicking my text cursor

      in some text.  This seemed to cause Acrobat to "scan & convert" the page.  I could then go back to the document and copy/paste (from Acrobat to After Effects) no problem....just a huge inconvenience as I have to do it for every page of the PDF.


      NOW.....suddenly I can only copy/paste from the first page.  Every page after the first I am getting the lines of boxes when I paste again (instead of the text).  I tried re-printing to a new PDF.  Converting.

      Someone please tell me WTH might be going on?   This is extremely frustrating.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Oh, more AE weirdness.  Great.  Well, there's NOTHING that says you MUST go from PDF to PDF, right?  How 'bout going from PDF to a simple text editor?  Surely AE can't screw a simple plain-text document, can it?


          Well, it probably can, but it's worth a shot, I say....

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            Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

            Thanks Dave,

            I get the boxes no matter what I paste the text into (notepad, sticky notes, photoshop, ect...).  The problem/inconsistency is either with Acrobat or with how the pages are being formatted to begin with. The process is: I print a formatted page from my work server ( I drag select all text and images and then print to PDF). This has all worked fine up until a few months ago...I am waiting to hear back from work to see if any changes were made to the way these "preview" pages are being formatted that might effect Acrobats behavior.  I need to be able to copy/paste so I don't have to re-render a project three times due to my own stupid typos.

            Super frustrating when a programs behavior suddenly changes for no apparent reason.  Arggghhh.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              When you copy from Acrobat and paste to any other app you'll get a line feed at the end of every line so that can be a problem. The boxes could be caused by a number of things in the pdf that may take a while to figure out.


              My suggestion would be to open your PDF's in Illustrator, arrange the layers so they are easy to edit in AE, then save as an illustrator file and import as a comp. That's the way I work on info graphic projects.


              You might also be able to open your PDF in Photoshop, separate the text into text layers, then open the PSD in AE as a comp and convert the text layers to editable text in AE so you can use text animators.

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                Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

                Thanks Rick,  Ill look at that as an option.  As of now I re-printed the PDF off the server, converted it to editable text and it's working again.  Maybe files are getting corrupted?  IDK.