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    Weirdness with stderr

    raphaelmatto14 Level 1

      hey friendly Adobe peeps,


      I’m seeing some weirdness with stderr, maybe you can help. I've repurposed this code from the CEP_HTML_Test_Extension:


      var createProcessResult = window.cep.process.createProcess(“my_fancy_process”, “arg1”, “arg2");

      gPID = createProcessResult.data;

      var stderrResult = window.cep.process.stderr(gPID, function(output) {

          document.getElementById("StdErrResult").value = output;



      … and I’m getting stderr output, but it's truncated -- even if the process continues -- when I do certain things in my python scripts. For example, if I use the python json module to load or dump data. Does this ring any bells? It’s almost like Premiere loses track of the PID in certain cases. Maybe there’s another way to get reliable stderr?

      I get the same result when directly using CEP HTML Test Extension > Native Functions > Process APIs > Set StdErr Handler.