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    Explainer video voice over ?


      SO im doing this explainer video for a digital product , all by myself regarding animation , voice over , and sound effects .


      how do i control the audio loudness like i want my voice to be the highest then the music lower than that and the sound effects a bit lower ?

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That's something you should do in a video editing application or audio editing application. After Effects is neither of those. You could do it in AE by keyframing the audio levels, but it would be much easier to do in Premiere or Audition.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I do this kind of stuff all the time. I edit in premiere Pro, record the voiceover using audition, do any necessary motion graphics for shots or short sequences in AE. Then when the edit is perfect in premiere Pro I do the final sound mix using Audition then render the final product from Premier Pro.


            One word of caution. 99.997% (My personal opinion on the number of videos) of all explainer videos that have music mixed with the voiceover  present a less effective and understandable message because the music is distracting.  If you are trying to teach someone something having music in the background is just distracting noise. That's not just my opinion, it's backed up by a lot of research on the effectiveness of training and educational video.  Music only works in the background of a dramatic piece when it is specifically scored to enhance the performance and the emotion you want to impart to the audience during the scene. Feature films are totally different animals than training videos.

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              Omarb92 Level 1

              Thanks alot ! I will try that

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                Omarb92 Level 1

                Thanks Rick ! Yes that is absolutely true regarding the music being distracting , I meant to say like a demo or promo video to promote the product , most people call those explainer videos because they explain what the product can do for the customer

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                  Omarb92 Level 1

                  So they're more like a commercial that's why i'm using background music

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                    You can buy voice over from some freelancing site, it won't cost you much, i guess only $5.