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    Moving Custom Submittal Stamps from Acrobat 9 to Acrobat DC


      We have custom Submittal Stamps created that we have been using since 2011 (Approved, Approved as Noted, etc) that when placed in the PDF have a Radio Button screen that appears to select the "approval" and then auto-fills with the current date, the name (users name) and the file name.  As we have updated our Adobe Acrobat throughout the years, these stamps have always worked...until Acrobat DC!


      Initially the stamps appeared to work, but then we noticed that it was duplicating the User Name (Name was written twice on the line).  When I tried to delete the stamp and "re-create" it, everything stopped working.


      Suggestions on how to properly move the stamps over to the new Acrobat (which folder, etc) would be greatly appreciated!