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    How to merge Catalog in Lightroom ?

    vinsolo Level 3

      How copy a current catalog to a new, catalog with diff name.


      Can I select images the images i want and maintain developing history, keywords, metadata, etc?



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          Tanuj Sandal Adobe Employee

          Hi Vince,



          Import photos from a different Lightroom catalog


          When you import photos from a different Lightroom catalog into the current catalog, you can specify options to handle new photos and photos that already appear in the current catalog.




          Catalogs from earlier versions of Lightroom, including public beta releases, must be opened and updated before they can be imported into another catalog. See Upgrade a catalog from an earlier version of Lightroom.




          • Choose File > Import From Another Catalog.



            Navigate to the catalog you want to import and click Open (Windows) or Choose (Mac OS).



            Specify the photos to import:


            • Under Catalog Contents, make sure the folders containing the photos to import are selected.
            • To select or deselect individual photos, click Show Preview, and click the box in the upper-left corner of any preview image. You can also choose Check All or Uncheck All.

            In the New Photos area, choose an option from the File Handling menu:


            Add New Photos To Catalog Without Moving



            Imports photos at their current location.


            Copy New Photos To A New Location And Import


            Imports photos to a new location. Click Choose and specify the folder.



            Don’t Import New Photos


            Only photos that exist in the current catalog are imported. Lightroom determines a photo is a duplicate (already in the catalog) if it has the same, original filename; the same Exif capture date and time; and the same file size.




            In the Changed Existing Photos area, do any of the following:


            • Replace metadata, Develop settings, and negative files to override all the settings in the current catalog. If you choose this option, you can select the Preserve Old Settings As A Virtual Copy option to keep a backup. You can also select the Replace Non-Raw Files Only option to avoid replacing raw negatives. If changes to raw negative files affect only metadata, selecting this option helps save time.
            • Replace metadata and Develop settings only to leave the negative files (the source photos) unchanged. If you choose this option, you can select the Preserve Old Settings As A Virtual Copy option to keep a backup.
            • Replace nothing to import only new photos.
            • If photos in the current catalog are missing and can be found in the imported catalog, indicate whether you want to update the metadata and Develop settings for these files. Select the Preserve Old Settings As A Virtual Copy option to keep a backup. If the photos missing in the current catalog appear in the imported catalog, specify whether the missing files are copied and where they copied to.

            Click Import




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            vinsolo Level 3

            Thank you for your reply.


            My problem is that I am trying to remove 4 "COLLECTIONS / FOLDERS / OR WHATEVER. The folders are empty but seem related to LR mobile. They cannot be sync or deleted and cannot be found any where on my computer.


            I am doing well with LR mobile, having no problems opening synching, etc with the mobile app.


            T is just these 4 aberrant collections or folders that I cannot remove;

            Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 5.39.19 PM.png


            I have tried removing mobile data, deleting lua files and other things to no avail. My catalog is otherwise fine, thought that is a wonder considering chances I have taken.


            I do have 3 iOS devices, all synched to the desktop and each of them is fine with the appropriate images synched.


            Any ideas. I use iMac, 10.10.5 and Lightroom 2015.3