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    Creating default email if no action

      I am trying to figure out how to automatically send an email to a user based on an event from the site. The problem is trying to figure out how to send the email in the event of 'no event'.

      For instance (I don't have code yet, just working through the conceptual part):
      A user is logged in (they will always be logged in) and they make a request from a page. That part is easy, I can put the <cfmail> tag in the action page.

      But what if they don't make a request? Should I use a timeout on the session to trigger the email? Since it is not a fixed event, I don't think a scheduled task would work unless I wrapped it with <cfif> on session checking.

      If anyone has attempted this or been successful, I'd love to hear how you performed the task.

      As always, any ideas and assistance is appreciated.