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    I really need HELP!!!!!!!! [kernel security check failure]


      I have After effects CS6. I have been using this program on my laptop since I've had it [3yrs] never have i had this issue. I keep getting blue screen [kernel security check failure] every time I click to open the program. after hours trying to fix it I get into the program and can render a damn thing i get a pop up saying [media output not responding] its been this way for a month Ive taken my laptop to the pro's to completely figure out what the issue is. they told me my laptop has all the requirements to run after effects and there is no issue with the laptop what so ever its with the program. they called and talked with after effects personnel which they said the best thing to do is to uninstall and reinstall. I did what they suggested nothing improved. I cant get anyone on  the phone!!! i need help!!!!!!! computer is all up to date. please help!


      laptop: ASUS

      intel core i7-4500u @1.80ghz 2.40ghz

      graphic card: Nvidia geforce 740m

      12GB ddr3 ram

      win 8.1 64bit home premium OS