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    java soap call jsx 10 seconds to execute

    ares ly

      Gsoap use java program by calling jsx file, called Indesign Server CS5.5 normally, but the execution is performed once for 10 seconds in Indesign Server CS6, I do not know what is the reason?
      By debug jax files and parameters have been passed to the server, but the server waits 10 seconds before execution.
      Thank you!


      使用java程序通过soap调用jsx文件,在Indesign Server CS5.5中调用正常,但是在Indesign Server CS6中执行10秒钟执行一次,不知道是什么原因?

      通过debug jax文件和参数已经传给服务器,但服务器等待10秒钟才执行。