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    Small Memory Leak of about 20mb

      Hey people,

      I feel a bit ashamed asking this cause its probably pretty obvious but my Flex project in IE8 runs at around 80mb but then increases by 500k/s until it reaches 105mb or so then goes back to the original 80mb. Now this only happened recently so I have a good idea of what is causing it:

      Basically IE has a problem with caching things its not supposed to do - I have numbers next to some of my accordion label which update depending on whether or not new topics are within them etc. What I had to do to fix the ie error was to place a no-cache on my php page which processes the data.

      Am I right in thinking that ie is gathering a limit of 20mb of streaming data from php and then flushing it out once its reached its limit? As it doesnt seem to be increasing at all -- just running the loop and flushing old data I think.

      Main question is - is my theory correct and should I be worried about this at all?