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    Saving work issues? [iOS]


      I had been working offline the last few days taking notes and highlighting studying for a test.  I just signed into my cloud account and all the hours of work I had done is wiped out! Gone!!!


      How do I save my work? Does it not auto save when working on an IPad? I had done some work in the App and closed the App or even turned off the Ipad and was able to pick up where I left off. For whatever reason I signed into the cloud and the documents did not show up  my documents list.  It's like it refreshed back to the last time I logged in and wiped out all of my work!!


      also I cannot get the documents from my document cloud back onto the local file on the Ipad.  I follow the steps on the site but when select move file button I just get the same cloud file not the one I made for the local file.