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    Adobe stock cannot find server

    nbirkett51 Level 1

      I have a full CC package.  Adobe stock has worked fine for several months.  But, for the past few days, every search gives a browser error message that 'Sarai cannot find server'.  The URL it is trying to opne is:


      https://search/?promoid=KTBIX&as_channel=adobe_apps&as_source=thor&as_campclass=brand&as_c ampaign=CC15_thor_search&k=yorkshire&sso_inbound=1&x-product=CreativeCloud_v2_4


      The message says that the server 'search' cannot be found.  That does seem like a very strange top level URL.

      I cannot find a way to present this question directly to Adobe - their web page send sme to the forums.  So, I am posting here in the hope that someone can explain and provide a solution.



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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Clear your browser memory cache or try a different browser to see if it helps.

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            nbirkett51 Level 1

            I cleared the cache and still have the same problem.  I tried loading the URL into a different browser with the same results.  But, I don't see an obvious way to get Creative Cloud to use a different browser without going through changing my default system browser.


            There are a couple of other URLs 'flash' by before the browser settles on displaying this one.

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              I'm getting this too....so frustrating.  Where can we go to complain as this needs to be looked at.

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                nbirkett51 Level 1

                I am starting to think that this is an uninformative error message to indicate that you have not got a subscription to Stock.  I was under the impression that stock photos were provided as part of the Creative Cloud package.  Adobe makes a big deal about them being accessible from multiple programmes  I certainly been able to search the photos in previous months.  But, when I check out the Adobe stock photos web page, they list subscription options for CC members.  The prices are high: $29.99/month to access 10 images a month; $9.99 to get a single image.  It looks like you now can't even scan the stock images without a license.  I don't like having to pay Adobe for royalty-free images.  But, I really don't like that they now won't let you review the pool of images to decide if it is worthwhile to get.