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    Handy screen zoom tool which helps you read your develop settings easier

    Paul_B_GB Level 1

      I often struggle to read the develop settings values, especially when doing a few photos at a time, as my eyes etc tend to get a bit tired after a while. I've increased Lightroom's font size but the develop settings numbers still seem a bit too small to read. I don't want to increase the font size again because i end up with less and less room for the image to be displayed. This led me to find a screen magnifier tool. I found this brilliant one hosted on the Microsoft website (Sysinternals):




      The shortcut key i set in the programs options was the num pad's * key, as i don't think Lightroom itself uses that key as a shortcut key. I also pinned the utility to the taskbar too for easy access.


      I find the utility invaluable now and it greatly speeds up my checking!


      I think it would be nice to have Lightroom having a text to speech function too, ie a little button (that you can turn on in the settings) that sits next to each develop setting value which you could click on and have Lightroom read it out loud for you. Maybe i should put in a feature request.