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    how to uninstall it?

    Anton Azarov Level 3


      Don't remember where I get it. I want to uninstall. Not simple delete as folder. Creative Cloud don't offer it for install/uninstall.

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          KJerryK MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I believe Character Animator is installed automatically when After Effects is installed.  So probably there is no way to uninstall just Character Animator.

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            Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

            Correct... no separate uninstaller, as Character Animator is a companion application to After Effects.

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              garryh9195965 Level 1

              That is the kind of behavior that damages the Adobe brand. AF default installer uses C drive, if you have a SSD where space is a premium and you try to keep clean for the OS - Yes I know you can change the default installer location. Then they force another irrelevant app to my workflow to install (they don't ask you) then give you no way to uninstall. It just sits there and consumers resources. Why not offer a way to remove this app if you don't wish to use this kiddies program. It just like a forced beta test program. Errrr

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                robertw61560572 Level 1

                I would like to know why is it a companion app, when it is a niche use?  As in, not everyone that uses After Effects is going to do Character Animation, don't get me wrong, it's a decent program and it's still in beta.  But  you didn't force Fuse on us and it's also one of your beta programs based on Character Creation.  Also it's listed in the Creative Cloud App list, we should have been given the 'Option' to have it installed and or uninstall.  This is a very shady way of doing things, especially with a program that we may not even want or ever make use of because it's not what we're doing.  Then there is the fact it's a waste of space on our drive if we're not going to be using it.  This is where I totally agree with any complaint of being forced to have something installed that is of no interest to probably most of your users.

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                  oksamurai Employee Moderator

                  Thanks for your feedback - I'll pass it on to the appropriate people.

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                    raphaelP Level 1

                    Totally agree with you. Pretty unprofessional to install what is clearly intended to be a separate application (it has it's own icon, workspace, launch...) along with After Effects, without consideration as to whether the end user needs it at all. And it's a "preview"???


                    Are we also meant to beta test things without our consent first??? Lame. Please Adobe. You make software that people make a living with. They install it on computers that have pretty controlled configurations and it takes time to make it all work together. Going about smuggling in unexpected data on a workstation is just callous.

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                      JimmyDallas™ Level 1

                      It's odd that it's a "companion application to After Effects" but don't uninstall after uninstalling AE. And the sucky part is Adobe not only forces it on you but don't even offer a way to remove it.

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                        MeredithY Adobe Employee

                        Hi - Your voice counts and is definitely being heard. We track each time a user makes a feature request, has an idea on how to shape the application and definitely what they do or do not like about Character Animator. Thank you again for taking the time to provide feedback - it's most appreciated.


                        For the Character Animator Team,



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                          JimmyDallas™ Level 1

                          Well, I do hope within this week there will be a link to an uninstaller posted here because it's driving me nuts that it's sitting there and will never be used

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                            raphaelP Level 1

                            Since you guys are listening, which I am glad, I want to clarify my issue. I currently have no opinion on character animator as a tool, since my work hardly ever takes me into character animation anyways. And maybe it's going to be a useful tool that I'll look forward to trying out.


                            My issue is with the loss of control over my own work environment and the fact that there is nothing letting me know ahead of time that this program installs with After Effects.

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                              Billy Malmstrom Level 1

                              Just to pitch in here, I really agree with some of these comments. We should be able to choose which apps are installed or not. Adobe is pretty much industry standard, and most of us use Apple computers which typically have very limited storage in the higher-end spectrum which someone already pointed out (talking about SSD's).

                              When I install After Effects I just want AE... Not Character Animator preview (or Cinema 4D Lite for that matter).

                              Its just clogging up my machine.

                              I am sure they are nice apps, but let the people who need them opt-in instead of forcing EVERYONE.


                              It's this sort of thing that could make certain customers go Avid or Autodesk instead of Adobe.

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                                oksamurai Employee Moderator

                                Thanks for the continued feedback. When CH started out, it was a smaller tool that wasn't as big of a resource. But the user response and subsequent evolution of the product has forced us to rethink things. We are in active conversations about these exact topics, and hope to come up with a solution soon that works for everyone.

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                                  Alessandro Serena Level 1

                                  Hi, I installed Character Animator CC 2019, but the old Beta 6 is still there.. How can I remove it and use the newer version?


                                  Thank you for your help,



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                                    Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

                                    Hi Alessandro... You should be able to see a "Character Animator CC (Beta)" entry within the Creative Cloud application, that you can uninstall. If not, you can go into the /Applications/Adobe Character Animator CC (Beta)/ folder and use the Uninstall app (macOS) or in Settings/Control Panel (Windows) to uninstall the Beta version that way.

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                                      Alessandro Serena Level 1

                                      Great!! I followed your instructions and everything is ok!! Thank you very much for your help!!!