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    Graphic Designer looking to learn animation: After Effects or Flash


      Hi there,


      I'm a graphic designer and am looking to broaden my skill set. I'm looking to learn either After effects or Flash, and after reading about them both, am still a little confused as to which path I should take. I would like to learn them both eventually, but need to choose the most relevant one first due to time constraints.


      The purpose is to begin animating characters and logos and make gifs as well as short, 10-20 second film clips. The program would need to support ai. files as that's where most assets would likely be built, although I know that you can build these kind of things in flash too so I could learn to do that if going down the flash route. Ideally I'd like a program that is vector based or at least high res.


      It would also be helpful to know which is most relevant and desired in the industry. I know people who say Flash is dead, but I also have a lot of animator friends who are inundated with flash work.


      Any help you can offer would be hugely appreciated!