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    2 out of 5 Team members can't connect to ADOBE server!


      Okay people this is our problem!


      We have an Adobe Team membership with 5 licenses and 1 member had some problems with connecting to the ADOBE Server with ADOBE Application Manager.

      We have been working on it for 5 days in order to solve this, but up to now no results.

      This morning my colleague had only 12 days left of his trial versions so we decided to open a support chat with ADOBE!

      We were helped immediately but without any success .... Monday this support chat will be continued!


      Strange that he only was bothered by it and the other colleagues, including me encountered no problems at all.

      So therefore I started comparing everything  and found 1 mayor difference!

      He had ADOBE Application Manager version installed on his iMac and I version!!!!


      Is there a downgrade for ADOBE Application Manager? I will mention this next Monday during the support chat!