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    saving and Stroke


      Question: Hi, I have a Tryout-Version of After Effects. While using it I have met two problems: First: i tried to save a copy of my my project as a CS6-Project, which should be possible, as the help-files suggest. There was no such option in the "File"-menu. Second, I miss the effect that is called "Strich" in German ("stroke" in English?). These problems are crucial for my working with After Effects, as I often use the "Strich"-Effect and need to save a project as a CS6-Version, which is the version used in my current job. Can anybody tell me, if these problems have to do with the Tryout-Version and are gone, if I purchase After Effects or could something have gone wrong with the installation of the tryout on my computer?  Thanks a lot, greetings from Uschi