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    Complex Bind Problem

    siriiven Level 1
      I am having trouble binding 3 different elements to one query. I have a cfselect which is bound to a query which gets a list of buildings. This part works fine. I have another cfselect which passes the value of the first and gets all controllers under the selected building. This part also works fine. What I am trying to do is when they controller is selected it returns the model, serial number, and NetID Number which are bound to cfinput boxes. This does not seem to be working.

      So after the getController select box is selected I return the model, serialNbr, and NetID which display in 3 separate cf inputs. Does anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this? Right now when I run it The two cfselect boxes work perfectly, but only the model displays in the cfinputs.

      Here is my code: