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    which kind of program do i need for an adobe download?

    marthav37837931 Level 1


      if i want to download indesign in a trial version, it doesn't start. A window opens and the message is that i need a program to open the following download-file aam://SAPCode=IDSN?version=11.0?actionList=CC-UI?passPhrase=had4UJmkXH0lwY7eLMIxGZBrL2aN3 IgZACW24IWu2vH0jEGQcPeTM7pTSz/5kKqRBNJJlLBG6AyJLeyyKtMVjU/ZT6sG12etwUzOhZqwiHeqQcLlWw+tcIP tbuwSLp3emo0G9yYDKe5Sq8DI4W8LTUNVXEOoCqwZTM3KxjIp+5E=


      what can i do? what kind of program does i need?