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    Layer blend modes within multiple embedded compositions - please help?


      I have a main composition that contains several embedded compositions.  Pretty typical workflow.


      Let's say the main composition is called "main_comp" and one of my embedded comps is called "comp_A".


      In comp_A, I have a solid black layer with a lensflare effect applied.  I have this layer set to the "add" blend mode, so that all of the black pixels are ignored.  This allows all imagery below this lensflare layer to show through.  This all works fine in comp_A.


      I embed comp_A into my main_comp.  The "add" blend mode on my lensflare layer no longer displays correctly once inside main_comp.  The layer renders completely opaque blocking anything below it in the main_comp.


      Hopefully this makes sense.  If anyone has time to help, I can provide more info if needed.  Thanks in advance.