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    How can I import my mac 'Photos' library to Lightroom 6, preserving the folders I've created?


      I have scoured the Internet and Adobe sites, but haven't found a solution.  The Adobe link How to transfer photos from iPhoto or Aperture to Photoshop Lightroom (Mac OS) suggests using the Plug-In Extras option, but on my lightroom 6, that only shows 'none defined'.  Instructions copied here from Adobe:

      Lightroom 5.7 and later


      It is recommended that you back up your Lightroom catalog before proceeding.

      • In Lightroom, choose File > Plug-In Extras.



        Select either "Import from iPhoto Library" or "Import from Aperture Library."



        Your iPhoto or Aperture library will be automatically detected. You have the option to select a different library, if applicable.


      I've also tried installing the zip file as suggested (https://helpx.adobe.com/content/help/en/lightroom/help/import-iphoto/_jcr_content/main-par s/procedure_1/proc_par/step_0/…, ubt ), but it wouldn't open in Lightroom6  for me.


      Can anyone help?  I'm not worried about saving every edit or feature from mac Photos, but the Folders are really critical.  I don't want to try re-organizing 9000 photos into the 50+ folders I've created.


      Thank you.