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    ActionScript for a rollOver SWF - HELP!

      I have set up some icons using html that, when rolled over, should play a swf on another part of the page. The show-hide behavior I'm using in HTML (Dreamweaver) needs to play the swf from frame 1, but rather ends up loading the whole swf while its in "hide".
      I think I need some AS code to keep the swf at frame 1 until the rollOver triggers the "show" function. I know how to place a stop on frame 1, but what else is needed to only play the swf when it "shows"?
      Understand? Please help if you have ideas.

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          clbeech Level 3
          the issue here is that the you will need to 'call' to different swf files embedded on the page 'from' the html JS methods firing the button events. each movie will have a different id in the html, and each will need to be registered to the method making the call - you *can* receive events calls from the html JS method, but you must implement the ExternalInterface class to do so, register each swf and provide a callback method for each button - lots of work for something such as a button :(

          look up the ExternalInterface class for more information.
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            robertgravesly Level 1
            Thanks, but that was very complicated for something that seems so useful. I appreciated your taking the time. Peace.