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    Back up Lightroom catalog to network drive is slow in Windows 10

    superkevkt Level 1

      When I was using Windows 7, I'd do my regular catalog backups to my NAS, which is connected to my computer via gigabit Ethernet. Performance was exactly as I'd expect it to be, topping out at around 800Mbps. The backup process was quick and painless.


      Since "upgrading" to Windows 10, backup performance is absolutely awful when it comes to the "copying catalog" phase of the operation. I can see from the Windows Task Manager that Lightroom is only managing approximately 15-20Mbps. I know Lightroom is capable of doing more, because doing file operations other than backing up works at expected speeds. I can move folders to and from my NAS within Lightroom without problems. However, backing up is consistently slow.


      lightroom backup.JPG


      I've had to resort to backing up my catalog to a USB drive, which is less than ideal, but is at least much faster.


      Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Does Adobe know about it?