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    Removing Digital Edition


      I have a Windows 7 environment.  I made a mistake with Digital Edition (DE) and its management of my authorization is totally screwed up.  I believe the only solution is to totally remove DE from my computer - I mean totally, that is, all records hid in the registry and anywhere else.  So my question is how can I do this because DE does not come with a remove option which I believe would have done this process correctly?  Until I can address this my computer is totally locked out of using DE.

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          Hi James,


          Follow these instructions to remove the pertinent registry files that are used for activation:


          • Open Windows Registry by using the command prompt and typing 'regedit' or by opening the start menu and searching for 'regedit'.
          • Search for the following folder:
          • The 'Activation' folder can be entirely deleted.


          This can be done without having to reinstall ADE. It will restore ADE to an unactivated state where you can log back in.