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    Publishing single Helpfiles to the RoboServer

    OSBRob Level 1

      Can you publish single helpfiles to the RoboServer instead of all of them or just those updated since the last publish date?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          HI there


          Generally speaking, that's the way Publishing should work. Only the changed files should be published.


          Are you working with the RoboHelp Server product? I know that you said "RoboServer" but often folks confuse a basic web server with the RoboHelp Server.


          Are you using the publishing options as shown below? If so, ensure Republish All is NOT selected.




          Cheers... Rick

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            OSBRob Level 1

            Thanks Rick, I understand all that I do not have the Republish All checked as you show above.  However, that will still publish everything I have done since the last publishing date.  My question is, with RH10, is there a way to ONLY Publish a certain helpfile?  Say I need to publish one helpfile ASAP, but other changes I have made and saved are not ready to publish, can I just publish that one single helpfile and not all changes I have made?





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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

              I think the answer is that you cannot publish just one topic using RoboHelp, you would need to use an FTP app such as FileZilla.


              That would not of course update your search for example so a term in the old topic but not the new one will still return the topic.



              See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips




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                R Volovski Level 1

                I have similar issues because I have multiple development teams contributing to the same help file in an Agile environment so some information is ready to release while some is not.

                I use conditional build tags to control the information that is released on any given cycle. It could be as simple as a tag that says "Not released" or as complicated as a feature name that spans topics, TOC entries, etc. Then I exclude what is not relevant for this particular release, generate based on that, and publish.

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                  OSBRob Level 1

                  I have used conditional tags within Robohelp.  I primarily use the HIDE tag to hide new helpfiles I am working on that are not ready to publish.  Then I remove the tag when I am ready to publish them.  This works for WHOLE helpfiles, however, I have approximately 700 helpfiles I maintain in one system that I review monthly based on a last reviewed date.  So on any given month I could be reviewing and updating 30 to 50 helpfiles.  Most of these changes are minor, but once I review, I have to send to my superiors to review and then sign-off on the changes.  So this month I ran into where a helpfile needed a change ASAP due to a system change that warranted I make the update and publish off of my normal schedule of once a month.  I had other helpfiles still in the review and sign off process so I need to publish just that ONE helpfile.  So to go through and use conditional tags on multiple helpfiles to "hide" the changes would not work in my environment.


                  I do appreciate the help though!