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    How do I find out where a .swf file is linking to with the submit button?


      I was recently hired as the graphic designer and website administrator at a local company. Now, everything was running smoothly until my employer changed some settings with our FTP. All of our "customizers" on our website - which are .swf files - no longer work.

      What I need to discover is this: when a customer hits the "submit" button, what "page" are they being sent to? The information they type in should be sent to an e-mail address, but I can't find any of those settings in the .fla files on our company server.


      Once I know where they are linking to, I can either change that path or make sure the path exists as it appears in the settings of these customizer .swf files.


      Any help anybody can provide would be much appreciated! I don't have a lot of experience with this program, or flash in general, but I understand the basics. I've already spent the better part of my entire work day (8 hours) trying to figure this out, and as the end of my Friday draws to a close, I'm hoping I won't spend another week trying to fix this - a week where customers cannot customize their products on our website!